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About Us

The American Leadership Board has followed the American model of individuals uniting with a common vision to share skills, experience, and knowledge with others to promote and provide services to those interested in the development of effective educational and organizational models for the 21st Century with consideration for culture and heritage for the benefit and value of all.

The American Leadership Board represents a gathering of diverse professionals including education, science, technology, arts, corporate, entrepreneurial, health, sports, financial, government, and social and community services. Each individual has experienced success in their respective profession while serving and empowering others and/or their organization to succeed.

This network of individuals has united to create models that integrate with corporate, entrepreneurial, and government sectors at national and international levels to ensure a united global perspective while maintaining the culture and heritage of each.

This provides a broad based cross functional / cross economic experience that allows us to offer our clients a one-stop-shop experience managing all their requirements under one umbrella.

The ALB Embraces the Following Values:

  • Deep desire to make a difference
  • Belief that leaders are needed at all levels
  • Belief that leadership begins with self
  • Acknowledgement of role of responsible community, national and global citizenship
  • Deep respect for heritage and cultural

    Four Foundations of the American Leadership Board

    • Living: Interactions and relationships; responsibility; integrity; and being an example - all for the benefit and value of self and others
    • Learning: Learning what we don't know. Knowing what we know, accessing what we know, using what we know for benefit of self and others
    • Leading: Being a good example and creating an environment in which others can succeed
    • Caring: Caring about self and others as family, community, national, and global citizens

    Rebecca J Dahl, M.S. Professional Summary

    Rebecca J Dahl is an American national and international educator, raised in the ranch country of Montana. Rebecca is unique in her profession with a depth and breadth of experiences that can be matched by few. She earned her Master of Science degree with concentrations in psychology, education, and leadership through Montana State University, University of Alaska, and Harvard. Rebecca made the decision to follow career pathways that would provide the opportunity to learn about:
    • Learning and learners
    • Effect/importance of social, culture, and heritage
    • Global and 21st Century implications
    • Effectiveness factors of learning environment and success of organizations

    The purpose of this approach has been to discover, develop, and implement programs that support and guide the youth and young adults for a life of quality with 21st Century careers for the benefit and value of self, family, community, country, and globally. She continues her studies living in a variety cultures and socio economic conditions including: Fortune 500 families, rural, suburbia, inner city, Native American reservations, Alaska Arctic, Europe, and the Middle East.

    Rebecca’s career has encompassed work in the corporate world, government, social agencies, law enforcement, military, entrepreneurial, and in PK-12 schools and university environments. Her education service encompasses PK-12 education, vocational, adult education, and university. She has served as a teacher, counselor, principal, curriculum director, director, university adjunct professor, and developed vocational and adult education programs. She authored “Skills for You” to prepare non-traditional students for university/vocational and the World of Work.

    By invitation, Rebecca has served on numerous state and national commissions addressing youth, young adults, education, social issues and business/education partnerships including:
    • Governors’ Task Force on Employment Skills – Leading to US Secretary of Commerce SCANS – Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
    • U.S. Congressional Liaison for Education
    • NASA Arctic Visit Coordinator
    • Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry Education Council,
    • State, National and International Accreditation, Inspection, and Improvement Teams
    • Curriculum Review/Professional Development Chair
    • Educational Reform Task Force
    • Education/Business Partnerships
    • State-wide Service Learning Board
    • Olweus Curriculum Review
    • Strategic Plan Committees
    • Long-Range Planning Board
    • Commission for High Risk Student Options
    • Police in the Schools Advisory Council
    • Inner City Gang Task Force

    Her “teachers” have ranged from those in their early childhood years to adult learners in the public, private, university, vocational, corporate and government sectors.

    The world and its people are her “education” and the empowerment of others is her “honorarium”.

    Godfrey Saunders, Ed.D

    Dr. Godfrey Saunders has twenty years experience as a leader in education. He has been a middle and high school assistant principal, high school principal, adjunct professor and director of a principal leadership academy.

    Most recently, he developed and served as Director of the Hamilton County Principal Leadership Academy, training aspiring principals. His program was a collaborative effort between the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce, Public Education Foundation and Hamilton County Public schools. The goal of the Academy is to train the next generation of school principals to become effective 21st Century instructional leaders. Effective schools must have strong, skilled leaders.

    The program has been so successful that its private funders have committed to many years of support, making it very sustainable. Every principal vacancy in Hamilton County last year was filled by a graduate of the Academy and their success rate has been excellent.

    Dr. Saunders has also been a keynote speaker for a variety of other social and educational organizations including Montana Crime Prevention Conference, Montana After School Program Conference, United Way, Idaho Chapter of the NAACP, NW Region of College Admission and Financial Aid Officers and high school and university graduations and commencements.

    For his social and education efforts, Godfrey has been recognized by several organizations. His recognitions include the Viet Nam Veterans of America Award, United Way Community Impact Award, and Swimming Upstream Award for combating teen drug use, Peace Keepers Award for conflict resolution, Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Award, Milken Educator and Montana's Board of Crime Control Lifetime Achievement Award. Godfrey considers his greatest award to be the opportunity he has been given to shape the future by working with other educators and young adults.

    Barbara Flattley

    I am an international Education Management Advisor, Teacher Advisor, Assistant Principal and teacher with extensive experience in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. My career has been interwoven with twenty years of teaching, including curriculum coordination, librarianship, ESL and classroom teaching.

    My belief is that the purpose of school education is to ensure that students are equipped to optimally participate in and contribute to society. They must be ready for the world of work and all that entails. They must also be ready for the world beyond work, including the attitudes, abilities and qualities that define a highly functioning world citizen. Therefore, the over-riding mission of a school is to empower students to successfully pursue life-long learning so that they can continuously adapt and function as they meet the challenges of pervasive change.

    I believe that good teachers use classroom management, teaching frameworks, assessment tools, teaching strategies, research synthesis, and practical advice so that students perform at their optimal level. Teachers must also know their students' individual passions, interests and anxieties in order to plan and deliver engaging and relevant units of work. We must look closely at what individual students are doing, what they know already and what they need to learn next. Understanding the importance of knowing and caring for each student is the basic premise to my leadership and teaching.

    Accreditation bodies that I have worked with include the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), Western Academy of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). I am comfortable working within such frameworks of excellence.

    My preferred model of education is social constructivism, an inquiry-based approach driven by the interests of each student and couched in a comprehensive framework of negotiated understandings.

    Gregg Flattley

    I am an international Education Management Advisor, author and school Principal of twenty years experience in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. My leadership career has been interwoven with nineteen years of teaching, including general classroom, music, drama and art.

    In August, 2010, my book, A Practical Manual for Principals, was published by Insight Publications Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne Australia. The book is designed for an international market and more information can be found on the publisher's website at http://insightpublications.com.au.

    As a facilitator and leader, I systematically support personal and institutional autonomy within a framework of expectations, guidelines and accountabilities. With clear expectations of performance, expressed in the standards of policies and curriculum documents, and appropriate intervention and support, I work hard to create a culture of high performance and development in which all staff members thrive. Job satisfaction and collegiality are central to such a culture, as is the ability of staff members to influence the decisions that affect them.

    Accreditation bodies that I have worked with include the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), Western Academy of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). I am comfortable working within such frameworks of excellence.

    My preferred model of education is social constructivism, an inquiry-based approach driven by the interests of each student and couched in a comprehensive framework of negotiated understandings. Underpinning this approach is my set of beliefs that learning should

    • be social, active and inquiry-based
    • be inclusive of all students
    • engage each student, providing individual empowerment and support
    • deeply consider students' needs and the needs of the greater good
    • provide authentic, real-life challenges
    • develop synergies through a variety of collaborative team approaches
    • use a cycle of planning, implementation, assessment and evaluation

    Darren Schlepp

    Darren Schlepp, Principal of Edgerton Elementary School in Kalispell, Montana, was selected as the Elementary School level recipient of the 2011 National Distinguished Principal for Montana at the 60th annual Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals '(MAEMSP) Winter Conference.

    The National Distinguished Principals program recognizes Darren due to the outstanding leadership and his commitment he has in creating a successful learning community. Because of him, students thrive academically, teachers grow professionally, and communities are strengthened. Darren is a Montana native and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Montana State University, Billings. He received his Masters of Educational Leadership Degree from the University of Montana, Missoula.

    Darren has been a principal for eleven years. He has been recognized for significant curriculum reform with leadership contributions including: School wide Title I process, RtI (Response to Intervention) process, an Autism Inclusion program, creating a guaranteed and viable curriculum by collaborating on a standard-based curriculum, providing grade level and staff development, actively participating in the Olweus anti-bullying program, and being supportive and innovative in technology integration. Mr. Schlepp has been instrumental in building a healthy, inviting school climate for staff, parents, and students by focusing on Character Education and the importance of understanding that our leaders of tomorrow, our students, gain from learning about different cultures and world issues. He has lead his school in embracing other cultures through the Arts and by addressing how each of us can positively contribute to the world in which we live.

    One of the most supportive comments which showcase Darren's professional and personal character is that he is gifted in working with others. "He has earned the respect of his staff and they are willing to take a giant step for him and with him. Parents find him approachable and his administrative colleagues respect his counsel."

    Mr. Schlepp has been both a State and National conference presenter over the years and has spoken on a variety of topics including Gifted Education, Effective Reading and Mathematics Teaching Practices, Professional Teaming and Collaboration, Safe and Civil Schools, and Response to Intervention Tiered Instruction and Behavior Planning.

    David Van Treuren

    My business career has involved multiple disciplines. Being involved in various entrepreneurial ventures afforded me the exposure to all areas of business, including management, finance, marketing, and economics. I live in the American West, and my extensive travel to 237 different countries has allowed me to experience different cultures, economic, and social systems.

    My main area of focus for the last thirty plus years has been that of investments and economics by taking a global perspective and approach. I have taught classes and lectured on various investment subjects focusing on economic cause and affect that influence national and international economic conditions.

    In addition, I have kept a clientele that I have advised on investments using my knowledge of worldwide economic systems. This approach has provided excellent investment results.

    In summary, the investment, economic knowledge, and experience I have has produced excellent returns in the world of investments as well as teaching those interested in these subjects.

    Kelly A. Curtis

    My medical sales experience with Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, and Viro Research developed my management, selling, and training skills. For multi-state regions, I designed and implemented sales and marketing programs for medical equipment and supplies. I taught physicians, nurses, and medical sales representative how to operate medical equipment and the use of other medical supplies. I developed and presented in-service training programs. My achievements include numerous sales awards. In addition, I was appointed to a Corporate Marketing Panel and received the Circle of Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance.

    Teaching science to middle school students was a later career choice because of my Master in Science, experience in training medical professionals on the use of medical equipment and supplies, and enjoyment of working with children. I view my role as a teacher to guide students to love the learning process and to teach themselves not only about the subject matter, but also on becoming a good citizen. Many of the 175 students I teach have socio-economic and English as a second language challenges. My teaching approach includes relating science to the real world, reading to comprehend, correcting their tests to improve their knowledge base for national tests, learning strategies, and graphing their test scores to monitor their own progress. The spring science MAPS scores for my students is 210 compared to the national average of 207 and their average increase is 4.9 points compared to the 2.6 point national average increase. I'm proud of my students' achievement in reaching my high academic and behavioral expectations.

    My bachelor and master degrees emphasized nutrition. I have done guest lectures on nutrition/dietetics at several colleges. I practice a healthy lifestyle with my diet and exercise. I enjoy gardening, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. This past summer I climbed my forty-first 14,000 foot mountain. I use my field identification books on these lengthy hikes. I like to enthuse my students about nature and the many interesting things there is to learn about our world.

    Sharon Fleming

    Sharon Fleming, M.Ed. is an adult education specialist with over thirty years experience. She has counseled adults involved in career transition and has developed and facilitated university courses in writing, business communications, social sciences, leadership and organizational behavior. In addition, her lifelong interest in helping people to identify their self worth and limitless potential, has led her to designing and facilitating numerous courses in personal growth. Currently she is teaching in Denver.

    Darcel Saunders

    Darcel Saunders is currently the owner of a private geriatric care agency, Cottonwood Case Management, which she originated 12 years ago. The primary focus of her business involves working closely in the health care field, with individuals and families making difficult life decisions. Additionally, Darcel serves as an advisor to the District Courts on guardianship and conservatorship issues, and has been appointed as legal guardian of individuals on numerous occasions. Darcel currently serves on professional boards which include an adult protective services team, hospital ethics board & advanced directives team.

    Christine Kuschel, Ed.D.

    Since 1994, Dr. Kuschel has assisted primarily rural education programs (including those located on American Indian Reservations) with the design and implementation of curriculum, instructional strategies, staff development, student assessment, and program evaluation.

    She has extensive experience with implementing a collaborative, network-building model of Pre-K through higher education curriculum design and alignment; focusing on internationally-benchmarked, research-based, common core standards for mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy in Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, and including Montana Indian Education for All Essential Understandings. The standards are designed to prepare students to participate as 21st Century learners in a global society. The process she uses is a collaborative model intended to build staff support networking opportunities, that gives participants the ability to manage projects independently.

    She trains teachers and teacher-leaders in various research-based strategies, including classroom instructional strategies, classroom technology integration, and teacher evaluation techniques (developed by Robert Marzano, Ed.D.). She serves on the board of a regional professional development organization (Western Montana CSPD), and provides professional development opportunities to area educators in subject-specific areas, such as integration of Indian Education in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

    She has implemented Student Assessment processes in educational systems: both summative (National and State levels), and formative--including Criterion Referenced Testing and Computerized Adaptive Testing. She developed a computerized Statewide System for Program Evaluation for the Montana Office of Public Instruction Title I Even Start Family Literacy Program. Family Literacy is a collaborative model of education that includes Adult Education, Early Childhood and School-Age Child Education, and Parenting Education.

    An experienced K-12 Business Education and Art Education teacher, Adult Education Instructor, and University-level Professor, and endorsed school principal and curriculum specialist, she holds an Education Doctorate Degree (Ed.D.) with a primary focus on Curriculum, and Higher Education, from the University of Montana (1994). Past President of the Montana Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), she continues to be an active board member, and resides in Missoula, Montana, USA, where she enjoys reading, art, music, and travel.

    Tom English, Ed.D.

    Dr. English has over 35 years of experience in all facets of education. He earned his PhD in Education at the University of Connecticut, as well as a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling. He has been a "life-long learner," always looking for opportunities to acquire and apply new skills in his chosen profession.

    Dr. English began his career in education as a high school History/Social Studies Teacher and Guidance Counselor. After earning advanced degrees and gaining practical experience, he moved into the field of school administration. He is a skilled administrator, noted for his expertise in negotiating and conflict resolution. His favorite professional activity is in program development - securing funding for new programs and providing start-up assistance to various organizations.

    Dr. English has spent his professional life working in diverse communities and enjoying the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in challenging environments. He has chaired a number of school accreditation committees in various countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America and more recently has been involved in school reviews in the Middle East.

    Karen E. Harris, M.Ed. Education Specialist/Professional Developer

    An educator for thirty-three years; retired in 2010 as a Curriculum Specialist and opened her Consultant business "Energized Enterprise." She travels the world training educators in the areas of teaching methodologies and Language Arts. In her years as an Educational Specialist she has trained many teachers on how to help students become successful readers and writers. Karen is the most talented staff development trainer you'll ever find. Teachers and students love her presentation style due the way she motivates and involves all participants in the learning process. She is a certified reading and writing specialist and loves working with educators teaching them to use the tool of the 6+1 Traits of Writing along with motivational strategies and reading techniques.
    Personal Note
    I am an academic leader and a professional educator. I am enthusiastic about opportunities to support all aspects of academics. I love growing as a professional educator with my vision to help all students become successful learners. Some of my personal qualities include self-motivation, dependability, dedication, and excellent organizational and time management skills. Furthermore, I possess the energy and drive necessary to meet goals and objectives in fast paced environments. I have been an effective professional educator with diverse teaching experience. I have served on many state committees with the Texas Education Agency such as the planning and writing of the state curriculum for Language Arts and the state reading academies. I have traveled around the world training teachers and speaking at conferences about effective teaching practices. I have a thorough understanding of the curriculum development process. My goal is to be constantly learning and researching how to motivate and help teachers work with students to make them independent learners. My combination of academic education experience and administration background has been an excellent match for assisting leadership and effective instruction in all educational situations.

    Najwa Sami Dham, Ph.D.
    International Consultant, Former Dean of Research, Associate Professor

    Najwa S. Dham was a Dean of Research and Publishing, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Faculty Member at three leading universities, Education Expert at the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

    In her academic administration capacity she managed to enhance the academic research agendas and direct development programs for some reputable education institutions. Along with teaching and research, to assess education systems, restructure them, administer them, implement Quality measures in educational management and leadership, support instructional enhancement and assure the achievement of the targeted educational outcomes, lead accreditation nationally and internationally, conduct and manage organizational self-studies and publish them, plan human resources development programs, and enhance professional development opportunities.

    As a Researcher, she conducted and participated in a number of research projects, her research abilities include qualitative, quantitative and meta-analytic methodologies, and she presented in some national and international conferences. Her research interests focus on educational administration and leadership, total quality management, education and Social Integration, educational planning and operation analysis; educational policies, technology of education; quality in education; curriculum development; management and societal development, etc. She has participated in the National Research Project for Manpower Development and Education Planning, UAE, as Senior Researcher, Education Consultant, and co-author. She has authored/co-authored many publications, books, articles, technical reports and studies; edited and supervised the publishing of over 25 books; Arabized books for UNESCO, International Institute for Educational Planning, Paris; reviewed report on education for UNDP/Abu Dhabi: organized and managed many international scientific conferences; managed six international refereed Journals of Excellence and edited the International e Journal of Excellence in Education.

    She has been active in the Quality/Excellence arena for long time as Iinternational Expert, Consultant and Lead Assessor. She has published on Quality/Excellence; offered training, organized and conducted international conferences. Excellence has been her passion and the stimuli of her career.

    She has been an active member of professional societies and associations of education, research, and quality management: Phi Delta Kappa Honor Society, Buffalo Chapter; Phi Lambda Theta Honor Society, Buffalo Chapter; American Educational Research Association; North-Eastern Educational Research Association; Middle East Studies Association of North America; World Future Society; Future Research and Strategic Planning (SIG); Dubai Quality Group, Higher Education Sub-group, UAE; Dubai Quality Award, and American Society for Quality, ASQ, etc.

    Dr. Dham has earned her Doctorate, as well as Master's degrees, in Educational Administration: Planning and Operation Analysis from SUNNY at Buffalo, NY; Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration and Supervision from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

    Shannon Bruce Ramaka

    Shannon Bruce Ramaka has taught all ages of students and subjects; preschool through college within public schools in Oregon and private International schools abroad (Zambia, Hungary, and currently Morocco). She has an MA in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision, and a BS in Business Administration from Southern Oregon University with extensive study in the fine and performing arts. With over fifteen years as an arts educator and five years as an international IB Theatre teacher, she deeply understands the authentic creative process and loves facilitating and encouraging that process in all areas with others for their own empowerment and success. Her passion is building and transforming learning communities through the use of creative problem solving, compassionate communication, integration of the arts, and teambuilding. She is an expert in "Giraffe Communication" and "Accelerated Learning." Currently, she is involved in the design and development of an innovative training program for Aksal Corporation in Casablanca, Morocco.

    Trainings she can offer:

    1. Teambuilding- Encouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zone, collaborate with others towards a chosen vision, and facilitate the reflective process for continued improvement and evolution.
    2. Engaging all learners-Integrating the arts in all areas of the curriculum to encourage student ownership and engagement. Specializing in music and movement for the kinesthetic learner.
    3. Professional Coaching- Guiding teachers in the development of curriculum and best practices in the classroom. Nurturing self-confidence and an understanding of individual talents. Using a courageous and self-reflective process for continued growth.
    4. Compassionate Communication-Learn how individuals and groups in conflict can come to resolution and a tolerance for diversity can become an asset of the organization.

    Uzair Hassan, FlnstLM, FCMI

    Uzair is a Senior Management Consultant with over 29 years of experience. He is also a Certifed Investment Consultant (UK) and a banker by profession. He spent 17 years in the banking arena & has amassed a wealth of experience in the field.

    Uzair created the Emiratization Development Program for a large multinational bank in UAE. As Manager Learning & Development for the bank, he managed their training function & trained their staff across the Middle East & South Asia region. Uzair's past work experience includes working with one of the world's largest consultancy and training companies as a Senior Management Consultant.

    He is a Certified facilitator and Master Trainer for ICSA (International Customer Service Association), an International Certification body, and represents them in the Middle East. Uzair is a Certified Facilitator of Situational Leadership. He is also a Certified Facilitator for Situational Selling. Uzair is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) as well as a Certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Uzair is a Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001-2000 Lead Quality Auditor (LQA). He aslo holds a certificate in HR Management from London College of Management, UK.

    His expertise includes Experiential Teambuilding (Activity based), Sales Excellence, Customer Service Certification, Personality assessments, Management development, Communication, Assertiveness & Time mangement instruments, Self-analysis tools etc. Uzair utilizes case studies & activities to address belief systems that underpin sucess.

    Uzair is a member of Mensa. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM - UK). He is a Certified Facilitator for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI-UK) level 5 programs. Uzair is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI-UK). He is also an advisor to the American Leadership Board (ALB).

    Uzair has trained delegates from over 30 different industries and over 20 different banks. He has also trained in over 14 different countries & has been based in UAE for 24 years.

    He has consulted for or trained gobal multinational names that include: American Express, Pepsi, Nokia / Siemens, Shell, G.E., Le' Meridien Hotels, YSL, Danfoss, Merck, Geant Supermarkets & Abbott. Local and regional players include: Tatweer, Etisalat, Seven Seas Compuers, Laing O' Rourke, EBI / NBD, ENOC, du, Tamweel, Dubai Healthcare City, Empower, Majid Al Futtaim Group.

    He is also an approved instructor for a gobally recognized organization of choice for the banking industry. Uzair has worked in the national as well a the multi-national arenas & has a firm grasp of the multi-cultural requirments of the region.

    Vickie R. Swann, M.Ed

    Vickie R. Swann is the Head of School at the American International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her wide-ranging career includes career coaching, UbD curriculum planning and implementation, school accreditation visits, curriculum and program reviews, and school improvement initiatives. Her experience includes both Stateside and International experiences, which offers her a unique understanding of the complex field of education.

    With over eleven years experience in the field of education, Vickie has had the opportunity to work with several educational organizations to ensure academic success of both teachers and students alike. She has been an accomplished and award-winning middle school science teacher, an assistant curriculum director of a summer education program, head of science department, and head of school. Vickie has developed an exceptional background in curriculum review and development through her diverse professional opportunities.

    Vickie has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary and Middle School Science Education and a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Montevello. She is listed in multiple additions of Who’s Who of Professionals and the winner of Teacher of the Year. Vickie has happily dedicated her career to making a difference in the quality of education that students receive around the world.

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