My medical sales experience with Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, and Viro Research developed my management, selling, and training skills. For multi-state regions, I designed and implemented sales and marketing programs for medical equipment and supplies. I taught physicians, nurses, and medical sales representative how to operate medical equipment and the use of other medical supplies. I developed and presented in-service training programs. My achievements include numerous sales awards. In addition, I was appointed to a Corporate Marketing Panel and received the Circle of Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance.

Teaching science to middle school students was a later career choice because of my Master in Science, experience in training medical professionals on the use of medical equipment and supplies, and enjoyment of working with children.

I view my role as a teacher to guide students to love the learning process and to teach themselves not only about the subject matter, but also on becoming a good citizen. Many of the 175 students I teach have socio-economic and English as a second language challenges. My teaching approach includes relating science to the real world, reading to comprehend, correcting their tests to improve their knowledge base for national tests, learning strategies, and graphing their test scores to monitor their own progress. The spring science MAPS scores for my students is 210 compared to the national average of 207 and their average increase is 4.9 points compared to the 2.6 point national average increase. I’m proud of my students’ achievement in reaching my high academic and behavioral expectations.

My bachelor and master degrees emphasized nutrition. I have done guest lectures on nutrition/dietetics at several colleges. I practice a healthy lifestyle with my diet and exercise. I enjoy gardening, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. This past summer I climbed my forty-first 14,000 foot mountain. I use my field identification books on these lengthy hikes. I like to enthuse my students about nature and the many interesting things there is to learn about our world.