About Us

The American Leadership Board has followed the American model of individuals uniting with a common vision to share skills, experience, and knowledge with others to promote and provide services to those interested in the development of effective educational and organizational models for the 21st Century – with consideration for culture and heritage for the benefit and value of all.

The American Leadership Board represents a gathering of diverse professionals including education, science, technology, arts, corporate, entrepreneurial, health, sports, financial, government, and social and community services. Each individual/organization has experienced success in their respective profession while serving and empowering others and/or their organization to succeed.

To ALB representatives, education is the pathway of focus with collaboration among schools, communities, universities, the corporate world, government sector, and entrepreneurs with respect and integration of culture and heritage of each country.

The ALB network has united to create, develop, and implement models that focus on the purpose of education in preparing learners for the next level of learning, work-readiness and career success, and effective high quality organizations. We integrate with communityand public/private/entrepreneual sectors at national and international levels to ensure a united global perspective with respect and consideration for culture and heritage.

We have expanded our network to collaborate with other like-minded groups intent on providing high quality effective services that enhance the success of all. This provides a broad based cross functional/cross economic perspective that allows us to provide a one-stop experience addressing all considerations and possible needs under one umbrella.

The ALB Embraces the Following Values:

  • Deep desire to make a difference
  • Belief that leaders are needed at all levels
  • Belief that leadership begins with self
  • Acknowledgement and role of responsible community, national and global citizenship
  • Deep respect for heritage and cultural