The Award for Educational Leadership acknowledges and celebrates exemplary educational leadership demonstrated through initiatives that have a significant and positive impact on teaching and learning at institutional level.

About ELA

The American Leadership Boards Educational Leadership Award honours the contributions of individuals who have led significant and sustained initiatives to improve teaching, curriculum, teaching spaces and resources, and policies and procedures that promote effective teaching & learning. Each of these areas of leadership is likely to involve the establishment and fostering of strong collaborative networks among educators and educational leaders.

Why ELA?

Most educators will agree that the level of excellence a school achieves is very much related to the level of leadership provided. It is the combination of the educators ability to manage, interest in staff and students, respect for learning, and vision of the future that set the tone for the school’s efforts to educate our children. The American Leadership Boards Educational Leadership Awards seek to recognize those educators who go beyond the day-to-day demands of their position to create an exceptional educational environment. In presenting these awards, The American Leadership Board hopes to encourage excellence in school leadership and to contribute in a substantive way to the improvement of education across the Globe.


The nominee must have demonstrated leadership in influencing positive educational change, new program directions, or in promoting and supporting effective teaching and improved learning.

Appropriate examples might include the following:

  • Leadership in the institution or institutions where they have been employed,
  • Leadership in the profession.
  • Guidance and mentoring of colleagues’ in their professional teaching development
  • Leadership in faculty or institutional teaching and learning initiatives
  • Leadership in provincial, national, or international initiatives with an emphasis on teaching and learning


Winners will:

  • Be presented with the Educational Leadership Award at a high-profile celebration

Awardees will:

  • Be acknowledged by the Executive Director of American Leadership Board, Ms. Rebecca J. Dahl and Executive Board Member, Dr. Godfrey Saunders
  • Be presented with the 21st Century Educational Leadership Award at a high-profile event in Bangalore, India – December 7, 2019
  • Receive a certificate and plaque
  • Be designated as an American Leadership Board Fellow


Nominations for the 2019 Educational Leadership Award are now being accepted. Submit your nomination by 10th November, 2019.