Our Programs & SERVICES

The ALBnetwork providesprograms and services to those individuals and organizations with an interest in (a) increasing the opportunity for each individual to experience success, (b) in the development of institutions/environments in which others succeed and (c) to maximize learning and effectivenessinthe 21st Century. This requires a journey of reform and change.

Our methodology for adaptation and reform at all levelsfocuses on the journey -requiring effective, high quality, relevant services that assure sustainability and continued growth and evolvement and aligned with the needs of the 21st Century and the 4th Industrial Revolution – in addition to individual success. All services integrate a workshop, project, action-based model. ALB programs assure the integration of the “Train the Trainers” concept to assure sustainability.

Those Served Through ALB Approved Programs include:

  • Education/Academia – Students, Teachers/Instructors, Administrators, Systems
    • Pre-K through College/University
    • Vocational/Technical
  • Business, Corporate, Public and Private Entities
  • Professionals, Employees andEntrepreneurs
  • Parents, Community Members/Organizations
  • Youth, Young Professionals
  • Special Needs (People of Determination)

ALB Network Programs and Services Include:

  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Data-based Decision Process for Organization/Management/Personnel, Instruction/Assessment and Strategic Plan Development
  • Development/Implementation/Monitoring Strategic Plans
  • Acknowledgment, Respect, Integration of Culture& Heritage
  • In-Depth Curriculum Reviews
  • 21st Century Instructional Training
  • Media/Technology/E-Learning
  • Leadership and Self-Leadership for All
  • STEM, STEAM Integration
  • Research Methodologies and Projects
  • Career and Work Readiness Skills
  • Employment/Soft Skills
  • Career Guidance/Decisions/Pathways
  • Social Skills and Responsible Decision Making
  • Anti-Bullying/Responsible Behavior
  • Healthy Living Choices – Personal, Social, Financial,
  • Responsible Citizenship/Patriotism– Self, Community, National
  • Academic Success Skills and Strategies
  • Parent Programs
  • Business/Education Partnerships& Collaboration
  • Development of International Exchanges


Programs continue to evolve with our changing world. Certificate are provided as earned. Consistent consideration for English as a Second Language participants.


ALB methodology provides effective, high quality, relevent services assuring sustainability, continued growth, and alignment with the needs for 21st Century and the 4th Industrial Revolution. We adapt and adjust based on idetified needs-regardless of size or targeted level of service. Flexibility includes variable time requirments from a few days to long term capacity, budget and time constraints, and leadership evolment.

The services are based on needs analysis and monitoring. All services integrate a workshop, project and action-based model with the”Train the Trainers” concept to assure sustainability.

  • Identified Journey Pathway
  • Ongoing Support/Guidance
  • Integration & Empowerment of Participants
  • Project and Action-Based
  • Collaboration and Team Building
  • Collaboration Model Among All Stakeholders – Students, Parents, Management, Community, Business, Government
  • Integration of Life Skills
  • Presentation, Research, Authorship
  • Conferences
  • International Exchanges
  • Ongoing support and guidance i.e.follow-up meetings and reporting