Shannon Bruce Ramaka has taught all ages of students and subjects; preschool through college within public schools in Oregon and private International schools abroad (Zambia, Hungary, and currently Morocco). She has an MA in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision, and a BS in Business Administration from Southern Oregon University with extensive study in the fine and performing arts. With over fifteen years as an arts educator and five years as an international IB Theatre teacher, she deeply understands the authentic creative process and loves facilitating and encouraging that process in all areas with others for their own empowerment and success. Her passion is building and transforming learning communities through the use of creative problem solving, compassionate communication, integration of the arts, and teambuilding. She is an expert in “Giraffe Communication” and “Accelerated Learning.” Currently, she is involved in the design and development of an innovative training program for Aksal Corporation in Casablanca, Morocco.

Trainings she can offer:

  1. Teambuilding- Encouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zone, collaborate with others towards a chosen vision, and facilitate the reflective process for continued improvement and evolution.
  2. Engaging all learners-Integrating the arts in all areas of the curriculum to encourage student ownership and engagement. Specializing in music and movement for the kinesthetic learner.
  3. Professional Coaching- Guiding teachers in the development of curriculum and best practices in the classroom. Nurturing self-confidence and an understanding of individual talents. Using a courageous and self-reflective process for continued growth.
  4. Compassionate Communication-Learn how individuals and groups in conflict can come to resolution and a tolerance for diversity can become an asset of the organization.