Thomson is the founder and CEO of Eloit, an education technology firm specializing in education technology that supports whole school management and systems-level improvement. Following his post-graduate work in advanced network engineering, he began his career working for IANZ, New Zealand’s premier accreditation body and as a consultant in the Ministry of Social Development before returning to his native India to start Eloit.

Today, Eloit is one of the fastest growing companies focused on academic quality benchmarking, rating process automation technology, and information systems for schools—recently winning the prestigious “New Business Creation Award” from Empretec, the flagship capacity-building program of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). As a result, Thomson is now acting as an official program facilitator for Empretec, training and mentoring new entrepreneurs.

As an associate partner of the American Leadership Board, LLC, Thomson oversees the design, development, implementation, customization, and ongoing support for our custom technology solutions for international K-12 schools and universities.