For ALB, education is the pathway of focus for collaboration among schools, communities, universities, the corporate world, government sector, and entrepreneurs with respect and integration of culture and heritage of each country.

The ALB Network Provides Programs and Services to Those with an interest in:

  • Increasing the opportunity for each individual to experience success
  • Developing institutions/environments in which others succeed

Those Served Through ALB Approved Programs Include:

  • Education/Academia – Students, Instructors, Administrators
  • Professionals, Employees, Entrepreneurs
  • Business, Corporate, Public and Private Entities
  • Parents, Community Members and Organizations

ALB Network Programs and Services Include:

  • Leadership Development for the 21st Century
  • Strategic Plans Development/Implementation/Monitoring
  • In-Depth Curriculum Reviews
  • Training for 21st Century Instruction/Learning
  • Integration of STEM, STEAM and AI
  • Business/Education Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Conference and Workshops
  • Development of International Exchanges