Our Services

The American Leadership Board has been established to network, promote, and provide services to those individuals and organizations interested in the development of environments in which others succeed and to maximize the opportunity for each individual to experience success in the 21st Century. Education is the pathway of focus with collaboration among schools, communities, universities, the corporate world, government sector, and entrepreneurs with respect and integration of culture and heritage of each country.

The American Leadership Board offers consulting, professional staff development, training, educational courses, conferences, and services to enhance the opportunity for individuals and organizations to succeed. The American Leadership Board specializes in networking organizations and individuals with similar visions, missions, and goals to empower and make a difference for others.

Workshops, Seminars, Training

  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Change Process
  • Needs Analysis of School, Staff, & Achievement
  • Data-based Decision Process for Management & Instruction & Assessment
  • Curriculum Reviews
    • Standards Review and Implementation for Sustainability
    • Horizontal & Vertical Alignment of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
    • Grading & Reporting Alignment
  • Integration of Cultural & Heritage Standards
  • Integration of Work Readiness Skills & Achievement
  • Differentiate Curriculum and Instruction
  • Assessment for Instruction
  • Professional & Student Portfolios
  • Technology Based Instruction
  • K-12 Learning Centers
  • Anti-Bullying, Citizenship & Behavior Programs
  • Student Advocate Programs
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Career and Work Readiness Programs
  • Dual Credit with Universities and Vocational
  • Business/Education Partnerships
  • Mentorships/Apprenticeships

Direct Student & Youth Services

  • Learning How to Learn;
    • Steps of Learning and Learning Strategies
  • Leadership
  • School Success Skills & Strategies
  • Exam Preparation and Strategies for All Ages
  • Native and Second Languages Proficiency
  • Responsible Citizenship – School, Community, National, Global
  • Moving from High Risk to Responsibility for Self
  • Social Skills and Responsible Decision Making
  • Career Counseling and Work Readiness Skills
  • University Success Strategies
  • University Success Strategies
  • Academic Preparedness for University
  • Social Preparedness for University
  • Student Support Groups
  • International Exchange Programs

Closing the GAP

  • Review Alignment of PK-12 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
  • Review University/Career Entrance Requirements and K-12 Curriculum
  • Review of Post-High School Career Opportunities and Needs of UAE Social and Employment World
  • Review Alignment of University Curriculums & World of Employment
  • Individual Learning and Graduation Plans
  • Outcome-based Diplomas/Certificates
  • Flexible School Day Including Community Based
  • Establish Mentoring/Apprenticeship Programs with Government, Corporate and Entrepreneurial World
  • Exchange Programs for Students, Teachers, Principals, Professors


  • Parent Involvement Programs
  • Helping Student to Maximize Opportunity for School and Social Success
  • Ways to Help School Succeed
  • Parenting Classes – Addressing the Needs of Various Age Groups
  • Parent Support Groups