An educator for thirty-three years; retired in 2010 as a Curriculum Specialist and opened her Consultant business “Energized Enterprise.” She travels the world training educators in the areas of teaching methodologies and Language Arts. In her years as an Educational Specialist she has trained many teachers on how to help students become successful readers and writers. Karen is the most talented staff development trainer you’ll ever find. Teachers and students love her presentation style due the way she motivates and involves all participants in the learning process. She is a certified reading and writing specialist and loves working with educators teaching them to use the tool of the 6+1 Traits of Writing along with motivational strategies and reading techniques.

I am an academic leader and a professional educator. I am enthusiastic about opportunities to support all aspects of academics. I love growing as a professional educator with my vision to help all students become successful learners. Some of my personal qualities include self-motivation, dependability, dedication, and excellent organizational and time management skills. Furthermore, I possess the energy and drive necessary to meet goals and objectives in fast paced environments. I have been an effective professional educator with diverse teaching experience. I have served on many state committees with the Texas Education Agency such as the planning and writing of the state curriculum for Language Arts and the state reading academies. I have traveled around the world training teachers and speaking at conferences about effective teaching practices. I have a thorough understanding of the curriculum development process. My goal is to be constantly learning and researching how to motivate and help teachers work with students to make them independent learners. My combination of academic education experience and administration background has been an excellent match for assisting leadership and effective instruction in all educational situations.