Dr. English has over 35 years of experience in all facets of education. He earned his PhD in Education at the University of Connecticut, as well as a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling. He has been a “life-long learner,” always looking for opportunities to acquire and apply new skills in his chosen profession.

Dr. English began his career in education as a high school History/Social Studies Teacher and Guidance Counselor. After earning advanced degrees and gaining practical experience, he moved into the field of school administration. He is a skilled administrator, noted for his expertise in negotiating and conflict resolution. His favorite professional activity is in program development – securing funding for new programs and providing start-up assistance to various organizations.

Dr. English has spent his professional life working in diverse communities and enjoying the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in challenging environments. He has chaired a number of school accreditation committees in various countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America and more recently has been involved in school reviews in the Middle East.